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The best investment you could make [VIDEO]

Have you ever done something that feels really out of character yet upon reflection, it wasn’t really that far-fetched?  

Oh, my God, love this guy, amazing!  

And at the end of the one-day workshop, I ended up signing up for his four-day paid workshop.  

And I’ll never forget, it was one of those seminars where you’re in the room, it’s a free workshop, and he’s selling from the stage, and you run up to the back of the room and put in your credit card details.  

I hate all that stuff, however I find found myself going through the motions.  

And when I was in a cab going from where that event was, I was actually heading off to Perth to speak at an event, and I’m sitting in the cab reflecting, at first thinking “that was a little bit out of character for you to do that, Kim”, but upon reflection, it wasn’t out of character.  

Because I knew, one, he’d already been so valuable in that one-day free workshop, that paying the price and paying the money to attend a four-day workshop, I knew that it was going to be of value. 

And you know what, I’m worth it.  

And I was saying that to myself in the cab, “I’m absolutely worth it.” 

I believe that this guy can help me grow, he can help me make some changes and make some decisions in my business that I need to make, that I’m not doing, for whatever reason.  

So I was actually stoked with this investment, as opposed to being oh, my goodness, what have I done?”  

So it was really interesting that even though I thought it was with haste, upon reflection, I knew what was valuable for me. 

I knew that I needed a coach to help me, and to help me make some decisions, to get me to that next step, and the progress that I wanted to take.  

Anyway, so I go to this four-day workshop, and at the end of the first day, Kane’s talking about his one-year coaching program, that’s $100,000.  

Now, I’m getting a lot of value out of this four-day workshop.  

And I know the difference he could make in my life if I had him one on one.  

But I don’t have $100,000. 

I had a very young child at the time and was looking to have more kids with my husband.  

But I still was like, oh, my goodness, I need to work with this guy.”  

I just can’t work under the $100K for a 12-month program.  

So I went up to him and I asked, and I said Kane, I can see how good you are, I can see how much of a difference you could make in my life, but is there another way that I can work with you?”  

Anyway, to my delight and surprise, he said,yeah, there is.” 

He said,I don’t publish this, but because you’ve asked, there is another way.”  

And at the time he said,there is a month-to-month contract that we can have, we go month to month, and also over a 12-month period, I will take 10% of any profit you make over and above a certain amount.”  

And I was likesweet, I can do that.”  

Now the month-to-month fee, I think it ended up being about $5K a month.  

And this is 10 years ago, right.  

But again, I signed up straightaway, because in my mind, I wasn’t looking at this as a cost or an expense that I had to fund.  

I was very, very clear that this was an investment in me. 

This was an investment in my growth.  

And I believed that with his help, because he’d already proven himself to be valuable, that I could do this.  

And I signed up.  

So a couple of things.  

Firstly, his positioning was golden. 

His pricing was premium.  

But the value that it conveyed, from the minute I met him, was absolutely top notch 

And it was something that I thought if I’m going to be spending this money, I want to be spending it on someone that I know can help.  

So there was that conviction that he was going to be a great coach and be valuable. 

But the conviction was that this was an investment that was worthwhile, because I’m worth it. 

My growth, my development, in me and my business was absolutely worth the $5K a month, and the 10% of any profit that would happen down the track.  

So I just thought it was an interesting reframing and a personal experience that I had about being very, very clear on what it is that you value. 

Being very, very clear that you are worth it and spending money on training or coaches or workshops, masterminds, whatever it might be, is an investment in you and you are worth it.  

Thirdly, as a professional when you’re trying to share with clients why they should work with you, and I know that language about it’s an investment in your success comes out a lot.  

But do you really believe it?  

And is your messaging and your positioning helping clients understand that yes, this is an investment in my future, or my well-being, or keeping me out of jail, or keeping my finances sorted, or growing my money, whatever it means, that you might do.

I wanted to share this because it’s a really good reflection on you are worth it. 

Your growth, your development, your progress, your conviction in your own value, is absolutely worth spending time and money on.  

Because if you do, the difference you can make to your bottom line, to your happiness, and the results that you get could be done so much faster or so much better, or with so much more meaning and impact, than if you try to do it on your own.  

And yeh, you can do it on your own.  

You can keep going, but where do you need to invest the money and the time in getting coaching, to getting support, to doing workshops, online courses, mastermind groups, whatever it is that it might be? 

I thought I was worth investing in myself, so I paid the money and I continue to pay money for coaches and masterminds, anything that’s going to help me grow 

Because yeah, I could probably do it myself.  

But I’ll tell you what, I’d probably a 90-year-old woman by the time that it all comes to. 

But with the help of the right people, it is an investment in me, and I reckon I’m worth it.  

And I reckon you are too. 

Because after all, You are Valuable! 


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