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Two powerful words = better client engagement [VIDEO]

Here’s a short video (over 2 minutes) to help your business grow.  

If you prefer to read it, here you are.  

And if you read to the end, there is a bonus waiting for you.  

Today’s video is about two incredibly powerful words that if you use them when communicating with prospects or clients (verbal or written) they think it’s all about them.  


Two of the most powerful words that you can use when either communicating online or in the flesh with prospects, clients and business partners is YOU and YOUR. 

Really simple hey… I know.  

However, I’ve done a video on this before but I’m doing it again because I still see so many professionals not using these words.  

So, whether it be on your website, maybe it’s some marketing material that I’m actually reading about you, I’ve come across it some way, maybe I’ve downloaded it online from a Facebook Ad (that’s another story), whatever it might be.  

Maybe… it’s just that I’m having a conversation with you officially, like a formal first appointment with you and when you’re talking to me about some of the things that you can do, some of the ways that you can help or sharing some of the things that you’ve done for other people, then use the words YOU and YOUR. 

So Kim, if we were to work together, we would make sure that this is all about looking at YOU, about what’s going on in YOUR life, about understanding the things that YOU want to do, the things are holding YOU back, the things that are making YOU uncomfortable when it comes to YOUR family.  

Can you see that, like I’m exaggerating here, I’m using it over and over again but it’s YOU and YOUR 

And guess what, as the person on the other end of that communication, it’s all about me… and that is exactly what you want.  

So even on your Website, you know there’s a lot of Advisers whose websites are still all about them and what they do and how they help.  

Now that’s part of the story but at the end of the day it should be all about the client. 

Helping them.  

“So we work with people in your situation… when you come across these challenges… where there. 

When your family is at risk… we’ve got you covered.”  

Now I’m doing this really quickly but can you see the point? 

So all you’ve got to do is remember to incorporate the words YOU and YOUR into your verbal, written and online communication and it’s going do you wonders in helping more people understand how valuable you are and why they need you on their team.  

Whatever you do with that, Make It Count. 

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Pps. You and Your is one of the 19 tips.  

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