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Today’s video is about uncovering your secret weapon – your unique or defining traits that make people want to work with you, stay with you, pay you and refer you. And that has to be good for business!

I’ve got a question for you.

And this is a question that if you’ve got an answer, it certainly can help you better articulate why someone should work with you, stay with you, pay you, and refer you.

And I’ll be honest, you’re probably never going to get asked it in exactly same the words that I’m going to ask right now. However, to understand how you would answer it is actually where all the value lies in this tip.

Here’s the question – What is your super power? 

That’s right! What is your super power?

That just means, what is the thing you do really really really well?

What is the gift that you’ve got, that you bring to the table, that genuinely helps your clients live a better life, or puts them in a better financial situation, or takes the worry out of money?

Whatever it is, it’s something that you’ve got. It’s reasonably unique to you, although others may have it in a different way, shape, or form.

But it’s something that is a guiding force or a reason why people come to you and they keep coming back to you.

So what is your super power? 

I’ve been asking a lot of my clients this question lately and I get a lot of answers along the lines of – “my empathy, my ability to put myself in the shoes of (my) clients”.  Or, “my understanding and being able to translate someone’s situation into what they need to do to turn it around”.

Someone even said to me that their superpower is being able to almost “see through the trees, and see through the fog and the mist that others don’t seem to be able to see”.

For some, it’s even been that they’re exceptional when it comes with dealing with things that are highly emotional. They’re able to cut out some of that emotion and just get to the core, and make really good, objective decisions.

So whatever it is, have a think about it, and see where you could potentially incorporate some of this (your superpower) into your marketing and into your conversations, without sounding like a dag.

So (I ask) what is your super power?

On that note, whatever you do with it, just make it count.

IDEA: I would love to know what your superpower is – leave it in the comments below if you are game. 🙂


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