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What’s your ‘saying’ that helps people relate? [VIDEO]

What’s a saying, that is something that when you say it, you feel like you, and other people actually think, “oh my Gosh, that’s you!”

So it might be a mantra, it might be a quote, it might just be a motto that you live by.  

It might be someone else’s that you’ve pinched, or it might be something uniquely yours.  

So one of mine, and something I say all the time is, “You are Valuable 

I mean, I named this whole video series after the fact that it’s, You are Valuable.  

And I’ve been using it a lot lately in a lot of social media I do, in any videos, in any communications, to the point now where I’m getting emails in my inbox that just has the title in the subject line saying “VALUABLE”.  

And I’ve even had comments on LinkedIn saying, Oh, my Gosh, I’m getting this theme about valuable, which is great, because that is one of the things that I bring to the table.  

So what’s yours? 

What’s something that you’re known for or a phrase that you use a lot.  

So what I’ve even gone and done is just off the back of this, and having a bit of fun through Covid, I haven’t left my office much as I’m sure a lot of you haven’t.  

So I needed just to freshen it up the other day.  

And I thought, I know, I’ve got these photo frames, you can probably see them just there in the background.  

And I just print off different photos on glossy paper and stick them in the frames when I want a bit of a change.  

So what I did is I just went through and what are all the ‘sayings’ that I’ve got, and I put them all on a piece of paper.  

And now that has become the print on the background of my wall.  

So things that I often say are:  

You are Valuable.  

You Rok.  

You’ve Got This. 

Feel the Fear and do it anyway.  

What else have I got?  

You’re Worth It.  

I say that all the time.  

And one of my favorite quotes from Yoda Do or do not, there is no try 

So I’ve sort of mix some of those up  

But anyway, where could you use a saying that you’ve got that you say regularly and really help people and relate to that?   

So there’s another business that I do some work with.  

And they’re saying is One Life, make the most of it.  

It’s BCV Financial Solutions, they’re financial planning, accounting and lending.  

And one of the Principals used this saying all the time, and now they’ve made it like their kind of tagline of the business.   

It’s all over their website.  

It’s in all their marketing.  

It’s at the bottom of the email signatures.  

It’s appearing in all their social media feeds.  

And it’s beautiful because it really sums up what it is that they do.  

They give you this financial advice, but it’s all because you’ve got this one life, and you want to make the most of it.   

So it’s really cool.  

So the question is, what’s your one?  

What’s your saying?   

Or what are your words, and where could you use it to help other people really understand what it is that you do?  

So on that note, and following on from what I’m saying You are Valuable


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