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The time is NOW to invest in your growth [VIDEO]

I’ve just finished being a panelist on one of the live webcasts from the IFA around Life after COVID and what next for Advisers?

And while I was preparing what I was going to share, it really struck me that you know, if you were having any challenges in your business before Covid (BC), so 

  • Maybe you were at capacity and really struggling to fulfill all the needs of your clients?  
  • Maybe you weren’t really communicating or accessible or proactive enough?  
  • Maybe you didn’t really understand what offer you had to bring to the table 
  • Or maybe it wasn’t priced right?  
  • Maybe you’re struggling to get new clients onboard?  
  • Or finding that you just weren’t getting the referrals that you needed?  

If you had any of those problems before COVID, I’m gathering that COVID just exacerbated them.   

Because all of a sudden you’re now attending to all of your existing clients and looking after them and what’s going on that any challenges you had in the business you weren’t spending time focusing on them (right?), and nor should you have, you had other things to do.   

But now that things are starting to get back to a different reality, then this is the time that if ever you’re going to invest in your business, it’s NOW. 

  • If you’ve ever thought, wow gee: 
  • I’ve got to get my processes nailed, or  
  • I’ve got to get some different ways that I can deliver what I do, so a couple of different service packages so to speak,
  • I’ve got to look at my pricingor
  • I’ve got to look at you know, having a more proactive referral strategy

Like I said, if ever there was a time or a time when you needed to do it, this is the best time.  

Because those problems are only going to get worse.  

And it’s kind of like if you give a kid a lollipop every day for a week, and then you stop doing it, you’re going to get a pretty grumpy kid.   

So you can’t have been really attentive and really accessible and proactively communicating with clients over COVID and then all of a sudden stop doing it, ok?  

There’s going to be a couple of clients who go wow, you were all over me, I loved it, now you know where to be seen. 

So you know a lot of businesses are thinking, well what do want?   

What am I trying to build?  

Why am I doing this?  

And that’s really going back to the fundamentals, back to the foundationsSo:  

Who are you doing it for?  

What are you doingso what is your offer?  

How are you delivering it and how are you pricing it so that it’s profitable for you, but it’s also affordable to the client?  

Does it look different to the way that you were doing things pre-COVID?  

Because I’m assuming that there are going to be opportunities to do things differently 

And what about staffing?  

You know, if you were at capacity and you didn’t have the right processes, or you weren’t using technology (you’ve now given it a go).  

You’ve experienced remote working, you’ve experienced doing virtual meetings is that going to now form part of business, as usual, going forward?  

Or was that something that you just did in COVID 

This is the time to really get your head down and thinking about what do you want?  

How do you want to build it and investing the time and effort in now? 

Because we’re not out of COVID. 

Things are gonna keep changing and if ever we get another crazy that just hits us in the face like this, you don’t want to just survive it, you want to embrace it and take it to the next level.   

So, you know, if someone suffers a critical illness, of course, they want to survive it.  

But typically, they don’t just want to survive it, they want a whole different life after it.  

They want to live differently, as a result of whatever they’ve gone through.  

Same thing as a result of what you’ve just gone through, what do you want to change?  

What do you want to do differently so that you can really build that business that makes you proud? 

The one you deserve for all of the hard work, the blood, sweat, and the tears for owning and operating an advice business.  

And if you need a hand, let me know. 

There are lots of different ways that I could help you either through virtual workshops or one on one coaching to make this happen for you.   

But whatever you do, remember You Are Valuable and this is your time to shine



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