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How to easily scan documents from home [VIDEO]

If you or your clients need to scan and send documents, but you don’t have a ‘scanner’ at home check out this cool free app. 

So now with everyone working from home or the majority of people, do you ever find that you need to scan something and send it to clients, or you need them to scan something and send it back to you?  

So it’s pretty common, and if you’re like most of us, we don’t have a scanner at home.  

So there’s this really cool app, now it is Apple, I don’t know the equivalent for Android.  

But for those Apple users, it’s called Turboscan. 

You get it for free from the App Store.  

And it’s as easy as if you’re taking a photo of your document.  

You just take it using this app, Turboscan and then it creates it where you can just send it off as a PDF, but it takes it all in black and white so, one; the file size is smaller so it’s easier to send but two; it cuts out any shadows or colors or anything so it makes it really easy to read 

It literally is just like putting a document through a scanner and getting it at the other endexcept there’s no paper, you can use it off your phone and it’s free.  

So to try and get around communicating, especially where documents are needed and needed to be seen, it’s a really cool little tip that you could use if you’re working from home, but you could also share it with your clients because they might benefit if they’ve got to get stuff back to you.  

Turboscan from the App Store, make scanning easy when we’re all spending a lot more time at home these days. 


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