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Remind clients of all the ways you can help [VIDEO]


There’s never been a better time to remind your clients of all the ways you can help them than right now.   

If you’ve ever wanted to help your clients understand more of what you do, even though you might have told them and they don’t remember, then right now is the best time to do it.   

And I’m not talking even about cross-selling your services, I’m talking about helping the clients understand more of the goodness that you can bring to the table, more of the problems that they’ve currently got, the challenges they’re facing or the questions they’re asking.  

Helping them understand what they are, the breadth of what you can do right now to help them.  

This is really positioning you from somewhere of value in their lives, and they get to benefit, so the client gets to benefit because you get to help them around things I didn’t realise or remember you did, but you get to benefit because by being more valuable today, hopefully, they will stick around and be your client, not just tomorrow, but well into the future.  

And that’s going to be really good for business hey? 


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