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Use client-friendly language to name each step in your process

Here’s a short video (just over 2 minutes) with a practical idea to help you grow.

I’ve also included the written version if you prefer to read it.

Give it a go – and make every minute count!

In today’s video I explain how to make it easy for people to understand how you help by using client friendly language to name each step in your engagement process. 


One of the things that I see Advisers do is, even when it comes down to explaining the process that they’re going to take clients on, they use very business centric language.  

So language that we use internally.

For example, the end-to-end process is called something like this: First Appointment, Plan Preparation, Plan Presentation, Implementation, Review.

Now, that’s not language that clients use and it’s certainly not the language that’s going to really inspire clients along that journey.

So, write down:

  • what is the purpose to the business of each of those steps,
  • what is the outcome to the client,

and then think of a more creative name (don’t get too cute).

But think of a name that a client might use instead of what the business uses.  

And if you do that, it can certainly help the client as they go through the process with you, understand what’s coming up, and what they’ve got to do, and what to expect.

So for example, some of the ones that I’ve heard, instead of First Appointment – (name it) Getting to Know You, All About You, Discovery, something that shows we’re here to get to know each other.

The second step – I’ve heard Analysis, I’ve heard of Advice Preparation (as opposed to Plan Preparation), Strategising, Analysis. This is the internal stuff that you’ve got to do to get that advice right.

The third stage, instead of Plan Presentation – Understanding the Advice, The Proposal… that will take you forward.  

Instead of Implementation – Making it Happen, Getting the Runs on the Board, Doing the Nitty-Gritty, whatever it might be to take action.  

And instead of Review – Keeping You on Track, Staying the Distance, Making Progress, whatever it might be.

They’re just some examples. 

You can get creative.

Maybe there’s a theme that you want to run through it, like preparing to go on a Holiday or maybe even a boating analogy (that seems to be a common one).

But whatever you do, use language that clients would use, then you’re going to use it every day and hey, a client that understands is a much happier client who’d stick it out with you.

Anyway, whatever you do with that, Make It Count.

Ps. If you are looking for inspiration to make your engagement process a more powerful tool to catch and keep clients, check out this free guide


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